Canal News – Winter 2017

Four Restored – One in Progress – One to Go

For over a decade, the Friends have been on a quest to ensure the last six camelback bridges are restored. Two of these genuine pieces of history are still in need of work – Woody’s Bridge south of Easton and Spahr’s Bridge in Bridgeton Township.

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Canal News – Fall 2016

Working Through It

What a summer! It’s been hot, hot, hot, but that hasn’t stopped the action along the Delaware Canal. As always, from sinkholes and sidewalks to wall repairs, pumps and low water levels, the Friends endeavor to meet the Canal’s challenges – in a multitude of ways. One major milestone is the nearly complete reconstruction of the Redfield Bridge just north of Centre Bridge.

Canal News – Summer 2016

Trying Times

The days of May were glorious along the Delaware Canal. In Easton, the abundant water being fed from the Lehigh River filled the Canal all the way south to the Virginia Forrest Recreation Area.

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Canal News – Spring 2016

In the Continuing Saga

Endings, beginnings, and continuations are all part of this spring’s Delaware Canal news. Fortunately, there is much to report regarding project completions thanks to our generally temperate winter.

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Canal News – Winter 2016

High Falls Creek Culver

The State of the Canal

Several projects are underway and nearing completion including the High Falls Creek Culvert replacement, the Centre Bridge Pump, the Airport Road Culvert replacement. The Friends are expressing opposition to the current development plans for the site where Odette’s now stands.

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Canal News – Fall 2015

cuttalossa creek culvert

Chalking Them Off the List

Cantankerous would be a good adjective to describe the Delaware Canal this summer, but the arrival of September has brought welcome improvement and progress. From a towpath bank collapse in the north to low water levels in the south, here is the Canal’s story.

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Canal News – Summer 2015

canal walkers stop for lunch

We Carry On

We carry on as two structures fail – the stone arch culvert that carries High Falls Creek under the Canal collapsed, and a section of berm-side stone wall gave way near the David Library of the American Revolution in Washington Crossing.

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Canal News – Spring 2015

Bald Eagle on Lynn Island

What’s Next?

Shake off the last of the cold and grey of winter past. Get back out on the Canal – walk, bike, run, bird watch, fish, whatever you please… You can also get the satisfaction of making the Canal a safer, more pleasant place to visit. The Friends have three ways that you can help.

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Canal News – Winter 2015

timber sill repair by Bi-State masons at loclks 15/16 in Smithtown

Thank You So Much!

The New Year is off to a great start thanks to all of you who so generously responded to the Friends’ Year-End Appeal. We asked you to help us do more in 2015, and you did just that. Your contributions have certainly helped to replenish the Canal Improvement Fund.

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Canal News – Fall 2014

Riding the Canal Rewatering Roller Coaster

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Canal News – Summer 2014

The Water is Flowing – The Work is Ongoing

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Canal News – Spring 2014

The Pieces are Falling Into Place

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Canal News – Winter 2014

Sprucing Up the Neighborhood and the Canal

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