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Good News on High Falls Creek Culvert

November 24, 2015

Bi-State Construction has begun work on the High Falls Creek Culvert permanent repair!

Bi-State Anticipates Delivery of Culvert Liner

November 20, 2015

High Falls Creek Culvert Collapse Work AreaBi-State Construction soon will be mobilizing at the site of the High Falls Creek culvert collapse in Upper Black Eddy.

Bi-State anticipates delivery of the liner by the end of November.

Sleeving the entire length of the High Falls Creek culvert is expected to serve as a permanent repair.

Volunteers, Park Staff Rescue Fish

November 13, 2015

park staff rescue fish in delaware canalThousands of fish were rescued from the Canal in Centre Bridge and New Hope over the past several days. Wader-clad volunteers and Delaware Canal State Park staff climbed into the Canal with their nets to scoop out fish – tiny to large – that were trapped by the diminishing water level caused by the broken pump at Centre Bridge. A new pump is on order.

Pump Breaks Down

October 29, 2015

The pump that supplies water from Centre Bridge to Lock 11 in New Hope has broken down. Repair/replacement options are being evaluated.

PennEast Drills Test Bores Along Towpath

October 15, 2015

From the Intelligencer

By Freda R. Savana, staff writer

PennEast Pipeline crews conducted several core drillings this week in the Durham Township section of the Delaware Canal State Park, prompting protests from pipeline opponents.

“The community, rightfully so, was alarmed by the intrusion into the park,” said Maya van Rossum, Delaware Riverkeeper.

“It shows people what they’re in for, the intrusion into their lives and places,” should the approximately 108-mile natural gas pipeline go through, van Rossum said Thursday in a phone interview.

The drilling operations are part of a process required by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, said Gretchen Leslie, a spokeswoman for the agency.

Because PennEast needs a right-of-way to cross state parkland, DCNR requires the pipeline company to conduct a geotechnical survey, Leslie said. The core drilling associated with the survey is done, she added.

Pat Kornick, a PennEast spokeswoman, said the company was authorized to conduct the drilling as part of the DCNR regulatory process.

Concerns that the survey violated Gov. Tom Wolf’s moratorium on gas drilling in state parks were unfounded, according to Leslie.

The moratorium, adopted in January, prohibits gas drilling but that does not apply to a pipeline, she said.

Durham manager Joe Kulick said the township recently filed to intervene in PennEast’s application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which has authority over pipelines.

As an intervenor, the township is notified of all activity involving the pipeline. It can also address concerns directly to FERC.

Durham has asked the regulatory agency for a moratorium on all pipeline permits involving the township until PennEast addresses concerns about Durham’s limestone geology and a shooting range that is in proximity to the pipeline’s proposed route, said Kulick.

PennEast is comprised of AGL Resources, NJR Pipeline Co. PSE&G Power, South Jersey Industries, Spectra Energy Partners and UGI.

Plans call for pipeline construction, if approved, to begin the in spring of 2017.

Canal Level Drops for Leak Repair

October 6, 2015

The State Park staff has dropped the water level in the Canal between the Aquetong Creek and Lock 11 in New Hope in order to repair a leak. The work is expected to be done by Thursday, October 8.

River Level Drops Again

September 23, 2015

The Delaware River has once again dropped near and below the level of the New Hope inlet. When this happens the southern end of the Canal from New Hope to Bristol is water starved. Tomorrow the Park staff will be dredging the inlet opening to get out what little debris may be hampering water flow.

Once again, gentle rain will be very welcome.

Two Projects Down, One to Go

September 4, 2015

The replacement of the Cuttalossa Culvert is finished, and the towpath has been reopened!

The towpath bank collapse north of Wy-Hit-Tuk Park is repaired. The towpath is open and the Lehigh River gate has been opened to refill the Canal gradually.

The High Falls Creek Culvert project is back in gear, and the materials to sleeve the full length of the culvert are on order.

Good News on Three Projects

The Cuttalossa Creek culvert project is almost complete.
The Cuttalossa Creek culvert project is almost complete.

August 26, 2015

Bi-State Construction is expected to begin repairing the towpath bank collapse north of Wy-Hit-Tuk Park in Easton tomorrow.

The Cuttalossa Culvert replacement project is nearly finished.

The engineering consultant has determined that sleeving the entire length of the High Falls Creek culvert will serve as a permanent repair. This is very good news because the project can move forward quickly rather than waiting for a new structure to be designed, funded and bid.

Towpath Section Closed After Bank Collapse, Water Level to Drop

August 21, 2015

Today’s update on the towpath bank collapse in Easton: The collapse is located approximately one mile north of Wy-Hit-Tuk Park. The opening is approximately 10 feet wide and extends from the Canal water line toward the River wall about 12 feet.

The Park has CLOSED THE TOWPATH FROM THE FORKS OF THE DELAWARE IN EASTON TO WY-HIT-TUK PARK. To prevent further erosion, the gate at the Lehigh River will be closed and the water level in the Canal will drop.

The Park will be on alert for stranded fish and other aquatic life. If you see any creatures in distress, please send out an alert. Everyone is seeking a solution. The Canal isn’t catching any breaks so far this year.