Submit a Finding

You can help establish our Delaware Canal Flora and Fauna Atlas. Here’s how:

  1. Take digital photos of your finds in and along the Canal. We’re looking for mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, insects, trees, flowers, plants, and so on.
  2. Determine the name of your find, for instance cardinal (the red bird), cardinal flower (the red wildflower) or red-bellied turtle (the red-embellished reptile). You may already know the name of your find or can find the name in your personal field guide. If not, please consult the Resource List for a list of online identification sites and printed field guides. If you can’t figure out what your find is, please submit your question with your photo. We’ll try to figure it out.
  3. Send your digital photo to A high resolution image is best.
  4. Include information about:
    – The name of your find
    – When you saw it – date and approximate time
    – Where you saw it – list the nearest landmark or provide GPS coordinates
    – Information of interest – share your stories
    – Your name, if you would like it to be included as part of the atlas entry
  5. When your photo is received, it will be evaluated and, if suitable, added to the Atlas Photo Gallery and pinpointed on the distribution map.

With your help, the Delaware Canal Flora and Fauna Atlas can become a complete guide to what lives on and along the waterway, towpath and berm bank.

Have fun sighting!