kayakers on delaware canal

The following stretches of the canal are most conducive to canoe/kayak trips, provided that water flow is sufficient (check in advance). Recommended paddles:

  • Easton Lock 24 to Theodore Roosevelt Recreation Area Lock 23
  • Washington Crossing Park at the Thompson-Neely House (Bowman’s Hill) to Lock 7 (Borden’s Lock) at the Delaware Canal Park Maintenance Area
  • Mary Yardley footbridge at Fuld Ave (PECO substation), Yardley to Lock 5 (Yardley Lock)
  • Lock 5 to Black Rock Road and then to Ferry Road – also to Trenton Road in Morrisville, or even to Bridge Street, Morrisville. (Be prepared to portage around road culverts at Black Rock and at Ferry.)

Combine options 3 and 4 and plan to “lunch” at Lock 5 for the long haul portage to below the RR bridge overhead, and then go all the way to Bridge Street – or return upstream on the canal.

Click here for a chart of boating access points up and down the Canal.

For a complete map of the Canal, see The Towpath Trail.

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